Adding ENS registration to wallet onboarding

For web3 newcomers, registering their ENS name is usually a watershed moment.

Getting an ENS name might be the first thing they do outside of a centralized exchange. Or the name itself might be their first NFT. Or, more fundamentally, their ENS name might be the first piece of personal data they actually own online. Whatever it is, it turns their wallet into something meaningful.

So why not add ENS registration to wallet onboarding? I’m sure others have thought of this before, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.

Case study: Rainbow

Rainbow has the best wallet onboarding right now. You give your wallet a nickname and can immediately buy ETH in-app. It doesn’t leave you with scary warnings about losing your seed phrase, it gives you fun next steps. You can back it up immediately! It’s great.

But it’d be better if you could claim an ENS name as easily as you can buy ETH. That way, in addition to buying ETH and other coins, you could make something with your name on it, and make your wallet truly yours.

The prompt could appear on a final setup screen, after you buy your first bit of ETH:


Or, if you skip (which I might in this scenario. Think about it: I just bought $100 in ETH, and now you want me to go buy something else?), the ENS registration CTA can sit above your transaction history:


Or getting an ENS name could be coupled with your wallet nickname, somehow. This is a little trickier since you can move ENS names to other wallets, and you'd have to set your reverse record.

Finally, getting an ENS name also be more than just linking out to You could register in the wallet itself. Here's what the first step could look like:


And finally, it could be social. When I was a UX designer at a large news site, I was tasked with redesigning the user account page. At one point I suggested we add user profile pictures, thinking that they would personalize user settings. My manager made a good point — who else was going to see a user's profile picture? No one. There weren’t any meaningful social activities to perform on the site, so if you uploaded an avatar, no one would know or care.

There's a similar feeling here: you're setting your wallet up in a vacuum. Maybe in the future Rainbow could show some wallet profiles early on( similar to what they have on the web, or MetaGame's players page). You create your wallet and see others' wallets immediately. Doing so would help newcomers understand better the wide range of things wallets are able to do.

Here's the full design file: