Blake Hunsicker

Currently interested in UX and product design work. See my resume and a list of some of my work below.

Journalist and developer

Founder and writer of Diagram News, a blog covering artificial intelligence. Diagram uses a unique site architecture and UX that makes it easy to get caught up on the news and explore what you find most interesting.

Freelance designer

5 years UX design experience. Previously a senior product designer at The Washington Post: revamped WaPo's App/Play Store presence, redesigned onboarding and recirculation features, and built a myriad of internal newsroom tools.

Diagram News

In August, 2019, I launched Diagram News, a blog that covers artificial intelligence. I am the founder, writer, designer and developer.

Native iOS and Android design

From 2018 to June, 2019, I worked on iterative improvements to The Post's native apps. Our work involved a lot of user research and testing, hi-fidelity prototyping and lots of back-and-forth with stakeholders.

CMSs, dashboards, and user admins

I've worked on a number of tools, CMSs and admins for The Post newsroom.

I also designed The Post's annotations tool, which we started as an R&D project and grew into a full fledged newsroom tool that we use to experiment with automation across the site.


While at the Post, I redesigned The Post's video home page for desktop and mobile.

Before that, I created a site called SyriaFAQ, which explained the Syrian conflict using video I shot on the Turkish-Syrian border. I filmed, designed, and developed the site.