Blake Hunsicker

Blake Hunsicker

Designer and developer

  • I run Web3 Board and Poly Capture, and am building
  • I'm also a designer and developer at MetaGame and a professor at NYU.
  • Previously, I was lead designer for the Washington Post's iOS and Android apps.


Web3 Board

May 2021 - Present

  • A gig board for DAOs and other organizations building new crypto projects.
  • Role: Designer, developer
  • Tech stack: Next.js and Firebase

Poly Capture

September 2020 - Present

Diagram News

2020 - Present

  • A news summary app (first by humans, and more recently with GPT-3).
  • Early beta tests are here and here. Tech stack: Gatsby.js and Airtable
  • More recent work talked about here. Tech stack: GPT-3, Next.JS, Python, Firebase
  • Role: Designer, developer

Washington Post's Recirculation Module


  • Designed an end-of-article recirculation carousel that had 10% CTR.
  • Role: Designer
  • Read more 👉


Design work

I started in design as a freelancer in 2014.

In 2015, I became a UX designer at the Washington Post. I went on to lead design on the iOS and Android teams there before leaving to go freelance and make my own projects in 2019.

As a freelancer, I've worked for the Boston Globe, Practicum and MetaGame. My focus for the last year has been on creating my own apps — Poly Capture, Web3 Board, and Diagram.

Development work

I'm a self-taught developer and am able to write clean, fast front-end code (React, most often using Next.js or Gatsby.js). I most commonly use Firebase for the backend. I also have experience with Swift — I made Poly Capture, a MacOS app I developed in late 2020.

Recirculation Module